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  • Dabizzle

    678 497 8751 have you ever heard of Zulu tribe radio, how about dj Mark luv(Universal Zulu Nation, The Pharcyde, Unity), do you remember legendary from the soul brothers, or dj ebseddiebswift from New York.(.he played in Atlanta festival one time)…but my point that I was trying to get across is radio stations need to change… united we stand divided we fall..

  • Stinson Jackson Jr

    Love the 5:00 mix. I listen to it everyday on the way home from work. I live in the ATL, but grew up on Long Island. Can you dedicate an afterwork mix to freestyle? TKA, Noel, George Lamond, Judy Torres, etc. ? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
    House Music All Night Long

  • King El Rey

    Peace DJ Nab’s Taking Jab’s,

    Eye Can Appreciate What You Are Doing. My Name Is King 👑 El Rey, Founder And Trustee Of IWB Co-operative, Exotic Paradise And Indigenous Entertainment. Currently, Eye Am Working On My New Album Entitled: “The Life Of A King” And My First Single Is Going To Be Called “Champion”, And Eye Need A Notable DJ Such As Yourself To Do Some Cuts On The Single: “Champion.” Please Get Back To Me ASAP, My Plans Are To Begin Recording This Week. Let Me Know The Cost And Please Check Out My Coop Website Which Is A Not For Profit, That You May Like To Donate To Since You Are A Donor. Eye Do Humanitarian Projects In Addition To My Music. A Link To My Music Is Below

    And Is My Humanitarian Projects Cooperative


    King 👑 El Rey

  • Deborah Davis-Reid

    It was awesome seeing you on he Capital Jazz Cruise this past October!!
    Wow what a blessing. You are still doing your thang and I’m so proud to know you!! If you are ever in the San Diego area look a sista up!

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