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May 24, 2011

Dj Nabs In Da HoUsE at Decatur Boxing Club! “Bad Pads and Bad Nabs” Making Some New Music!

Yes, yes…I realize that this comes as a shock to many people. Nabs?? Boxing?? Well…yeah!! I’ve always had a love for the sport and a deep respect for those with courage enough to step in the ring. I relate to the rhythm and the movement of the hands and body. I relate to the showmanship on the stage, the hard work, the discipline and the heart it takes to be a winner! I’ve lived it my whole life. I’m not saying that this new challenge is easy by any means but I am saying that I’ve risen to many challenges in my life and I will do the same with this. Giving it my all is what I was born to do and being underestimated has always worked to my advantage.

DJ Tee Luv, my friend and fellow DJ brought this opportunity to me because he knows my fighting spirit so once my publicist Katrina connected me to Xavier “Bad Pads” Biggs and he agreed to train me, I was on my way. From that first day when Xavier and I started working together,I knew we were connected…kindred spirits one might say. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer and team of people around me. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting another incredible person who has shown me lots of love and she goes by the name of Terri “The Boss” Moss. She’s a world champion in the Guinness book of world records and was trained by Xavier Biggs as well. Terri did me the great honor of writing an incredible story on me and this new venture on her blog so check it out on the link I provided below. She included videos of her and Biggs training and some of my documentary work as well.

You all know me as DJ Nabs but I’ve been many other things in my life as well. With that said, I decided to post of few pictures of these “past lives”. These were situations that required me to study, learn and follow in order to overcome and succeed. In the process, I also learned how to lead.

Real boxing is new to me but challenges of the mind, body and spirit are not. My faith in God instilled in me by my mother, the spirit of my father and my faith in myself has seen me through it all. When I step in that ring, I’ll be fighting to win…as I always have. After all, when you are a winner who knows what it means to lose…you come to realize that life is a constant challenge in itself…Is it not? What makes this challenge any different?

Enjoy the pics and check out Terri’s blog…see ya soon!


Terri Moss Blog here


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