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June 11, 2008

DJ Nabs Responds to “The DJ is Dead”


First of all, i have worked with these two individuals for years. Most people in the industry know that i have been with JD as his DJ from Kris Kross to now, not to mention that i represent our DJ collective THE DEF DJS. I work with his father Michael Mauldin at mauldinbrand and So So Def has been my music industry family for my entire career which is the very reason i decided to write. On the radio side Greg was very instrumental in getting me my own show on V103 back in the mid 90’s before i eventually went to Hot 97.5 /Hot 107.9 and later XM. Greg has helped countless artist’s careers and has assisted many DJs such as myself to have an opportunity to get on air . I have respect for them both.

Obviously, there is some truth to what both these individuals have to say and without going into detail, we have to understand that this is a business and controversy (unfortunately) seems to sometimes garner more attention in the music business than the music itself. I personally feel that this could’ve been dealt with between Greg & JD personally but…..again…..when there are records to sell…it appears that using the internet to air out personal grievances is the business mold of the day.


Well, that’s obviously not true. What is also obvious to me is that JD made the comment to spark controversy amongst the DJ community to reexamine what it is we do and Greg Street responded publicly in order to garner attention for his forthcoming album.

The difference is that Greg made it personal.

Referencing JD as Jer”lame” Dupri and “Slo Slo” Def are but a few of the personal attacks made against his character and his company by Greg.

Granted, JD can be somewhat outlandish in his claims but in his video clip, he never spoke personally against Greg or anyone else for that matter. Most DJs were offended and i feel that JD could’ve used a better choice of words but JD’s contributions to a lot of people’s careers far outweigh the mistakes that he has made. I don’t feel that JD intended on hurting anyone.

On the other hand, I see Greg’s response and personal attacks as merely a ploy to get some attention from outside the southern region (where he is not on the radio) for his album project. His first single from his album is ironically called “Have a Good Day”.

Am i the only one to see the hypocrisy in this?

My career started here in Atlanta in 1988 and i have been a working DJ, radio personality and music industry person ever since. I have witnessed and have participated in the many “movements” that helped make this city grow. Believe me when i say that no one person, entity, label , radio station, DJ, personality, songwriter or what have you, can take credit for what Atlanta is today. It takes all of us.

Both JD from a music industry side and Greg from a radio side have contributed to the success of Atlanta but we all need each other and this is an example of what happens when egos become bigger than the city itself!

Maybe, next time i’ll speak to what it is to BE a DJ since that’s where this all started (online at least) , who knows what really started this between JD and Greg.

oh and Greg…that chess set is DOPE!! I put my order in already.

In the words of my industry sister Lucy “JUICE” Raoof…..


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