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November 9, 2011


The Place: The Foundry at Puritan Mill, Atlanta GA
The Time: November 3rd, 2011
The Event: Atlanta Corporate Fight Night 3
The Reason: Charity- Stand Up For Kids

So here I am, walking toward the ring behind my trainer Xavier Biggs to my entry music “What’s My Name?” by DMX and a million thoughts are running thru my mind very quickly..the main one being “what the hell am I doing?”

That thought disappeared once I entered the ring….now I was excited to show the crowd what I’ve been training to do for the last 6 months.

My opponent was Ali…no seriously… Ali…he was a new guy from the gym (Decatur Boxing Club) who saved the day just by agreeing to do the exhibition with me at the last minute since my original opponent backed out 2 days prior. This was our first time in the ring publicly and since it was only an exhibition, we had two, one minute rounds to show what we were made of instead of three, two minute rounds which is customary for an amateur boxing match. No backing out now, let’s get it on…

The plan from my corner was simple…Jab the head, touch the body and basically move around the ring and show some moves.

It quickly became obvious that Ali planned on living up to the name…he threw a lot of punches.

Before I knew it, my “muscle memory” kicked in like Biggs said it would and I was slipping, bobbing and least some of the punches

Body shot open…

Popping the Jab…

The Jab is returned…

Ali was aggressive and all on top of me…all I could think was “Go to the body”

Ali keeps coming…

End of Round 1

Ring Card Girl Tina Marshall

“You’re doing good…take it nice and easy…It’s just an exhibition” says my trainer Biggs

Sideline commentators, 1984 welter weight Olympian  Mark Breland and Jackie “Sunshine” Smith.  “DJ Nabs looks a little winded over there” says Jackie

Back to business….last round

Dual jab…

Ali continues with the pressure and my body reacts on instinct…

Still….Ali connects again.

To the body again…

Ali keeps coming and I keep moving…

Before I knew it…..fight was over

We did what good sportsmen do and were both declared winners for our participation in Atlanta Corporate Fight Night 3.

Posing with boxing legend Evander Holyfield after the fight.

Posing center with my support team (L-R) Publicist Katrina Leonce of Profiles PR, Mona, my wife Audra 3000, Kristina Blakely (Promotions Director, Majic 107.5/97.5), Travis Nuckles (Universal Music), and Nicole Bentley (Griot Pictureworks)

Posing with Majic 107.5/97.5 VIP ticket winners who came to see the show.

Trophies for all of the winners…A great night for a great cause.



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